The Seven Steps of Engagement

With over 25 years of combined experience put towards developing our seven step customer engagement process,
the Sevengage team is ready to take your business to that next level.


To attract customers we help you create relevant content based on the interests and wants of your ideal customer. It's not what they need, it's what they want.

step #1

step #2


You've got their attention, now ask something of them: e.g. emails, newsletters, sign-ups, give-aways.


Here we help you begin to drill down on the most important thing they want. You're providing education to help them make a buying decision.

step #3

step #4


We help you get a commitment. At this point your customer gives up something that will cost them: e.g. financial or time commitments.

deliver & satisfy.

Follow-through. Follow-through. Follow-through...We'll help deliver exactly what they want, on time, when they want it, where they want it.

step #5

step #6


Up-selling is only 100% effective after you've delivered and satisfied the customer. This is the highest form of up-selling beyond product bundling.


After delivering on step #1 - step #6 you're a Rock Star! We'll then help you create loyalty programs so that your referrals come naturally.

step #7

Sevengage is a full service digital agency offering customized business
solutions with a long term strategic partnership.


Let us guide your organization through the Sevengage process. Request a free quote today.

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