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We have partnered with and provided digital solutions for some of the world's top companies and brands.

Saber® Grills

Saber® Grills, a premium grill company creates grills for discerning consumers who want an exceptional outdoor cooking experience was looking to refresh their online business with a look that reflected their brand.

Sevengage's partnership with Saber® resulted in a major transformation of their online presence as well as dealer resources meant to ease selling and delivery to customers.


Leadercast™, a globally recognized one-day event that features dynamic leaders was looking for a secure way to connect its tens of thousands of viewers all over the world.

With this in mind, Sevengage delivered various TV and web applications tied to a feature rich unique registration system that served as a gateway for +100,000 viewers across 4 continents to watch the live streamed on-day event.

Drum Channel, subsidiary training platform of the world renown DW® Drums, had outgrown their old platform and wanted to expand their course and product offering.

Drum Channel partnered with Sevengage to not only upgrade their platform, but also to partner in developing a new online training system making them the new industry leader.

The Seven Steps of Engagement

With over 25 years of combined experience we are equipped to blueprint your business through it's digital transformation.


To attract customers we help you create relevant content based on the interests and wants of your ideal customer. It's not what they need, it's what they want.

step #1

step #2


You've got their attention, now ask something of them: e.g. emails, newsletters, sign-ups, give-aways.


Here we help you begin to drill down on the most important thing they want. You're providing education to help them make a buying decision.

step #3

step #4


We help you get a commitment. At this point your customer gives up something that will cost them: e.g. financial or time commitments.

deliver & satisfy.

Follow-through. Follow-through. Follow-through...We'll help deliver exactly what they want, on time, when they want it, where they want it.

step #5

step #6


Up-selling is only 100% effective after you've delivered and satisfied the customer. This is the highest form of up-selling beyond product bundling.


After delivering on step #1 - step #6 you're a Rock Star! We'll then help you create loyalty programs so that your referrals come naturally.

step #7



At Sevengage, we have a long history of helping our clients realize their digital centric transformations for both their company and customer.

Let us walk you through the engagement process


We offer custom tailored solutions to fit your companies needs.

Web & Mobile Development

Everyone should have business goals for their website. At Sevengage, we don't build online brochures, we deliver user centric, goal oriented, measurable websites.


Email Automation & Marketing

We'll help you turn your leads in to customers and your customers into brand devotees.
Let us show you how.

Social Media Marketing

Leveraging the power of social media marketing & engagement can dramatically grow your audience and customer base in ways you never thought how.

TV Channel Development

Internet TV is here to stay. With open source streaming players like Roku, AppleTV and Amazon Fire in over 70 Million homes across the US, it's time for your online video content to break free of your website and reach more customers.

SEO Optimization

No matter what business you're in, SEO is a must-have as a part of your online marketing strategy. We can help you track, test and tweak your website to page #1.

E-Commerce Development

We can help you increase your online sales conversion rate with a custom E-commerce website tailored specifically to your customers' wants and your ROI needs.

Brand Development

Have you thought about your business brand? Do you have a brand strategy? Brand equity? Do you even have a brand? We can help you develop your brand to give your organization the edge it needs.

Digital Business Consulting

Who is your perfect online client? What is your top key success metric for your online business? If you struggle answering these questions let us help you transform your organization in to what it was meant to be.

A/B Testing

A/B testing or Split testing takes the guess work out of increasing a websites business goals. With our testing model we can help you make the best business decisions based on real customer data.


Sevengage is a full service digital agency located in Atlanta, GA offering customized business solutions with long term strategic partnerships. Our bread and butter is that organization looking to expand it's online customer engagement, increase ROI on it's products and services through technology, multi-device web, and social media.

With over 25 years of combined experience working with the top fortune 500 companies, top major online video providers (OVP) and the latest online technology, the Sevengage team is ready to take your business to the next level. Let us guide your organization through our winning Sevengage process. Request a free quote today.

our team.

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